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Wait...I'm Not My Ideal Client?!

Seriously, we all need to understand this to gain more clients! It's important for us to find things in common with our ideal clients, but just as important, we need to find the differences between us and our ideal clients! Try this exercise to rise to the next level and start "swimming with the sharks"


Recognizing and Overcoming Your Inner Dream Stealer

I want to get real about how I became aware of my Inner dream stealer voice… We all have one. Overcome your inner dream stealer! Take back control of your thoughts and actions to achieve your goals.


Speaking Your Prospect's Language

Have you ever gotten off a call with a prospect and you're frustrated because they just didn't see the value in your product or service even though you KNOW it would help them so much?! Well it may be that you just weren't connecting to them on the level that they understand best! This Technique Tuesday video will help you identify the language that will help you communicate your value in a way they will understand.


How to Get Unstuck in your Business

When we get stuck in our business, that means that something is not working anymore. This is a time that we really need to be honest with ourselves and find out why. Why are my conversion rates so low? Why are my prospects not seeing the value in my product or services? What do I need to change to start getting the results I'm looking for? Giving ourselves an honest business audit is a great way to figure out why we are stuck in our business so we can partner with God (or your higher power) and find the solution to get unstuck!


Identifying Your Prospect's Real Needs

In sales, we need to be able to find the true need of our prospects so that we can determine if our product or service is a good fit for them or not! Sometimes this can take a little effort on our part to really help our prospects uncover their true reason for needing our product or service! It is powerful to be able to go 5 layers deep!


Overcoming Days of Demotivation

We have all had those days where we just don't want to work our business! But the truth is, is that we cannot reap what we do not sow! Lets talk about some ways that we can push through those moments of demotivation and continue working and building our business!

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