Divinely Driven Results Programs: Your Christian Business Pathway to Results

Learn and implement lead generation and sales skills, build a strong business foundation with the Lord, and so much more through these programs designed for you.

Sister, are you...

  • Tired of joining programs that seem to always be missing something you need to grow your income?
  • Ready to follow a step-by-step process to create consistent revenue.
  • Feeling like something is missing and not sure how to partner with God?
  • Wanting a way to build real relationships with others and ready to ditch the spammy messages?
  • Feeling like there are mindset the blocks that keep holding you back?
  • Looking for your tribe of other rock star Christian ladypreneurs?
  • Ready for real accountability and support?
  • Not sure how to grow your business using social media and are ready for an actual marketing and sales strategy?
  • Tired of playing small and ready to step out in a big way?
  • Ready to grow your business in the Lord’s way to fulfill the calling He has for you?

Let Us Show You a More Divine Way To Succeed...

With these four pillars you will increase your sales and grow your business in the Lord's way...

Partner with God

So many times we use God more as a catastrophic consultant than we do a partner. Learn how to make him the CEO to guide your business growth like never before!

Empower Your Mindset

Learn incredible tools to overcome your Inner Dream Stealer and stop sabotaging your efforts. Let's get you out of your own way, you can own your confidence!

Accountability and Support

Let go of feeling like you have to do it all on your own and holding  yourself accountable. With weekly and monthly calls you will get the support you need to grow your business!

Biblical Business Strategy (Including Sales Funnels and Systems)

What's the best way to grow your business? Utilize systems like sales funnels and marketing strategies that really work, and build great sales habits proven to convert all based on the word of God.

I Am Ready!

All so that you can reach your sales goals and...

  • Focus on lead generation, marketing, and sales like never before!
  • Forecast your sales for your entire year!
  • Have a strong Divinepreneur Schedule to increase your focus
  • Increase your relationship with God as well as your divine guidance
  • Have your own sales process and funnel to know what you are offering to who
  • Learn how to set a goal you can control and use an amazing tool to empower you to know how to reach it
  • Ditch the spammy messages and implement heart-centered prospecting
  • Have a divinely intentional social media strategy
  • Learn methods to grow your audience and your impact
  • Empower your mindset to believe in yourself, your business, and God's plan for you
  • Receive professional speaker coaching to sell your products/services from stage
  • Become an author in 6 months or less with a fun and powerful framework and strategy to grow your business
  • Achieve that soul purpose that God has for you through your business
I Am Ready!

Meet Elise Smith

CEO and Christian Business Strategist

Elise is an International Coach Federation certified professional coach who has empowered over 100 people to achieve their sales goals. She has been coaching in the sales business world for over 12 years and has studied goal achievement, marketing, and sales for just about as long. She loves strategizing with her clients to help them see how success is possible and giving them a step-by-step program to follow for massive results! She has a passion for enabling ladypreneurs to believe in themselves, increase their revenue, and fulfill their divine purpose through their business by partnering with God.

Meet Kat Mackison

Christian Mindset Coach

As a published author (Journey through Stuck) and a Christian Mindset coach and freedom guide Kat, helps Christian sisters create life balance and release blocks so they can step into their God given purpose. After 22 years in a stressful corporate career, Kat (aka, coach krazy Kat) was taken on a her own personal journey through stuck. Praise God He was there every step of the way. After receiving training through the Personal and Leadership program by Eric Worre with Go Pro Coaching, Kat now shares the systems she used (such as her own GPS - Get Past Stuck system) all centered around the Bible and connecting with the Lord to help other sisters step into their God given beautiful lives and businesses too.

I Am Ready!

What others are saying...


"Working with Divinely Driven Results has been God orchestrated from the beginning. The growth that I’ve seen in such a short time, has far exceeded any expectations I’ve had. For me, it’s been a huge mindset shift of confidence, belief, and complete peace. Having her walk this journey with me has been instrumental in building and launching my business."


"While working with Divinely Driven Results I gained a great understanding of the small acts I need to do to move forward. I’m a big believer in energy vibrations and manifestations. Elise is great at helping you find where you are spending energy. The best thing for me was a platform to help launch my business on so many levels. Excited to see what happens next."


"Working with Elise has been nothing short of a miracle for me. Within a few short hours of working with this amazing woman, she enabled me to be empowered to guide my life the way I was destined to live. I have been working with her for a few months now and I have seen tremendous growth in my thoughts, relationships and business."

Up-Level Your Results Today!

Choose the program that fits your needs or book a call to learn more.

The Divine Prospecting Program (3 Months)


or save 10% when paid in full

  • 8 Weekly Group Training Sessions Including Topics on:
    • Getting Clear on Who Your Divine Client is and Where to Find Them
    • Heart-Centered Prospecting: Building Real Relationships for Sales
    • Help Creating Customized Prospecting Scripts
    • Step-by-Step Software Set-Up 
    • 25+ Lead Generation Strategies
  • 4 Weekly Support and Accountability Group Calls
  • Business Meetings with God Mini-Course
  • 3-month membership to El Messenger Pro Software
  • Divine Prospecting Tool Kit
    • Divine Prospecting Conversion Tracker
    • Script Templates
    • Social Media Tracker
    • El Messenger Pro Set-Up Guide
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The Divine Results Program (6 Months)


or save 10% when paid in full

  • Everything included in the Divine Prospecting Program plus...

  • The Biblical Business Foundations Online Course (100+ modules covering Mindset, Marketing, Sales, and so much more)

  • Weekly Biblical Business Class and Accountability Call
  • Monthly Biblical Business Bible Study Class and Guide
  • Monthly Group Goal Achievement Session
  • Monthly Private Strategy Coaching Session (45 mins.)

  • Monthly Mindset Private Coaching Session (45 mins.)
  • 6 month membership to El Messenger Pro software
  • The Divine Business Tracker

  • Your Divine Marketing Strategy and Calendar
  • The Divine Live Workshop Model Toolkit
  • Private Facebook group
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The Divine Business Academy (12 Months)


or save 10% when paid in full

  • The Divine Prospecting Program for you or your VA and the Divine Results Program Plus...
  • Work with either our speaker or author coach to sell from stage or write your book
  • The Divine Branding Package (Includes branding review consult, and courses plus a 2-hour branding photo shoot)
  • Your Sales Funnel, Landing Page and Welcome Email Campaign Built For You
  • Your Divinely Successful Road Map
  • 1 year of El Messenger Pro Software
  • So much more!
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Why Is The Divine Business Academy Unlike Any Other Coaching Program Out There?

  • Most coaching programs rely on you making time to complete online courses to learn their strategies, and as busy business owners our time is super valuable.
    • With Your Divine Business Academy we have weekly live classes that focus on the most important topics: marketing and sales all utilizing biblical business principles.
  • Have you been a coaching program where you got very little of your coach's time
    • With this program you get a private coaching session twice a month with either your strategy or mindset coach to empower you to break through any roadblocks you may have quickly so you can grow your business faster.
  • Have you ever felt like there was gap in the support you received? Maybe you had a business coach but you also needed a mindset coach, and if you hire both from different companies they don't know how to support you in the strategies they are teaching. 
    • Through this program you not only get to work with both a business strategist and a mindset coach, but they work together to help you implement what we teach.
  • Have you been bouncing around between different programs because you still feel like something is missing?
    • This Academy, is your one stop for business education, strategy, and support, you won't need any other programs because we are always adding more amazing content and we customize our classes to what you need the most.
  • Have your other coaches simply asked you what you want to talk about today, and not have a real strategy or path to take you through?
    • Utilizing our Divinely Successful Road Map will show us exactly what you need to work on and when and your coach will work with you on a strategy to focus on those areas each week.
  • Does it take a while to gain real value in other programs you have been in?
    • Within the first 3 weeks you will have a proven lead strategy, clarity around your divine client, a powerful Divinepreneur Schedule to follow, your own customized script for prospecting, and so much more!
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Do You Feel God's Calling To Take Your Business Further?

Remember that God would not put a dream in your heart that He wasn't willing to provide the way to accomplish it, it just takes faith, works, and that leap of faith!
You can do this my dear sister and with our help, and God's guidance you are going to reach heights you only dreamed of.

See you there!