Kaylee's Foundation

“You have unexplained infertility.” When Elise heard those words, that was the moment she knew that her business was meant for more.

Elise Smith founder of Divinely Driven Results and Kaylee’s Foundation has been trying to conceive for over 12 years. With 10 failed fertility treatments she understands the pain of aching for her dreams but not knowing how to achieve them. That is why she loves empowering women to achieve their business goals. But Divinely Driven Results is meant for more than that. Because of her own struggles with fulfilling her heart’s desire to be a mom, she knows the pain that other women who are trying to conceive experience, and knew she was meant to serve those women and families too. That was where Kaylee’s Foundation was born.


Kaylee's Foundation is meant to eventually fund one woman’s IVF (usually over a $16,000.00 procedure) a quarter. If you feel inspired to donate to help fill other women’s empty arms click below and know that every penny your donation will go directly to this fund. Together we can honor those strong women and give them a chance to call themselves mothers too. Thank you. ❤️


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