Elise Smith

Faith-Based Business Coach and Speaker


In the beginning of my own entrepreneurial journey I struggled with what to say to a prospect, how to bring in consistent income, how to manage my time, and especially how to overcome that negative voice (that I call my Inner Dream Stealer) so I could finally believe in myself and achieve my goals. After my own struggle in dealing with these blocks I knew I had to find a way to overcome them not just through my own strength but with God. I am so blessed that He has shown me the way to conquer these road blocks and build a strong business foundation in the Lord and now I love to do the same for other Christian Ladypreneurs because I don’t want one more sister of mine giving up on their dreams.

I have completed a full year of entrepreneurial training through a program called Masters of Business Ownership where I learned strategies for marketing, leadership, sales, systems, and so much more.

I love learning and am constantly looking for ways to grow my own business and self as well as empower other ladies to do the same.


Reach Revenue Goals by Increasing Divine Guidance in Your Business

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Who I Work With

I work with women in all stages of their business to grow and expand your business in the Lord’s way, make the difference only you can make in this world, and grow your income.



Isn’t it frustrating how running a business isn’t really taught in schools? Are you passionate about what you do and want to transition your hobby into a business but just aren’t sure where to start? Have you joined a network marketing company and something feels like it’s missing from what your upline has taught you?

Whether you are about to launch your business or are a year in, you want to start your business off right. This includes building a strong business foundation partnered with the Lord, focused on your divine client, and ready to make sales.


Have you generated some income in your business but it’s just not consistent and you are feeling stuck, frustrated, and just can’t seem to get off of this plateau you are on? Ready to learn tools and implement systems to bring in that steady income? We will help to fortify the foundation you have already built, by taking your relationship with God to the next level, creating a time management plan to help you focus on income and spiritual producing activities, and hold you accountable to building those habits for success, along with a strong sales funnel.


You have figured out your business model and you feel good about what you do, but you are ready to level-up, expand, and upgrade your business to not only increase your revenue but also give back in a bigger way. This is where connections, exposure, a strong marketing plan, and the right products/services customized to your divine clientele are key. Where having a 5-10 year plan with the Lord and a customized strategy in all areas of your business is going to help you find that divine expansion you are looking for.

Although I love what I do as a coach I am also a pup-mom of a 14 pound fluff ball our cute little Shih Tzu/Terrier named Spike. I have been married for over 13 years to my biker hubby, love of my life! We love to be silly together and to travel all over the world! I love the Eiffel tower, singing, I have absolutely no rhythm but still like to dance, and I also enjoy making leather earrings. I love my life! Not to say that there aren’t hard times as we all experience, but I believe everything happens for a reason and that we are meant to have joy in the journey and serve others along the way!

Our Purpose

After struggling with infertility for 10 years, and enduring 10 rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments, Elise was led to discover her purpose. In her words: "God helped me to see women whose arms are aching to hold their baby, just like mine. My purpose in this life is to empower women to achieve the dreams they ache for."

Elise does this not only by helping women achieve their business goals, but by funding one woman's IVF every quarter through Kaylee's Foundation.

This is what Divinely Driven Results stands for: Empowerment and divine connection to achieve your dreams.


Kaylee's Foundation

Our purpose is to enable others to achieve the dreams they ache for. Elise does this not only by helping women achieve their business goals, but by working towards funding one woman's IVF every quarter through Kaylee's Foundation.


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