Join a community of powerful & divine women in business just like you!

Learn how to partner with God in your business to achieve your sales goals!

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Are you feeling stuck, alone, and frustrated in your business?

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life right now, something that’s been holding you back from achieving the level of success you are aiming for?


  • Finally finding a strategy that strengthens your faith and boosts your business like never before
  • Finally getting rid of the “block” that’s been stopping you from being successful
  • Achieving a holistic change in your life that not only tackles your finances but also your emotional and spiritual needs
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals who share the same values, principles, and ambitions like you do
  • Gaining a strong level of energy and passion to transform into your self’s best version
  • ...and so much more!
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Hello, I am Elise.

In my Divine Solutions Mastermind Program, I will take you on a journey where bible study meets business mastermind and networking.

This holistic mastermind program is backed with real strategies and techniques with actionable steps based on biblical principles to help you reach your full potential.

So click let's chat to speak to one of our amazing coaches to learn more about how to join your tribe!

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How can the Divine Solutions Mastermind Program radically change you?

  • It’s a 3-point combination of Divine Guidance, Connections, and Biblical Business Strategy.
  • It will teach you how to partner with God by asking the right questions and identifying how He speaks to you.
  • It will help you connect with other incredibly inspiring, and loving Christian ladypreneurs who will provide support, suggestions, and connections to help you succeed.
  • It is growth-oriented and packed with clear actions and strategies to help you achieve success in your business.
  • It is anchored in crucial business strategies through Biblical Success Principles that will take your sales to the next level.
  • It tackles a holistic approach and is not just centered on your finances.
  • It will help you grow your business in the Lord’s way.
  • And so much more...
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What makes Divinely Driven Results different yet effective?

Divinely Driven Results is a purpose-driven coaching service anchored in faith and strategy.

As an International Coach Federation–certified professional coach, I have assisted over 100 people in achieving their sales goals. I have mastered goal achievement for 10 years and eventually earned my core energy coaching certification.

Since then, I have been using my knowledge and expertise in helping entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential while living a satisfying, successful life anchored in faith.

So chat with us today so you can see what is possible for you!

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