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The "All-In-One" Chrome extension that helps you automate and organize some of the main components of organic Facebook marketing.

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Installing and Logging into EL Messenger Pro

(4:07 min.)

Installing  extension on your Chrome Browser

Creating Tags

(3:25 min.)

  • Tags help you keep track of where the person is inside your sales process
  • Examples of Tags are; Follow Up, Hot Lead, Interested, Potential Partner.  Whatever makes sense to you and your business.

Creating Message Segments

(6:49 min.)

  • Different variations of the same message that the software can spin around
  • Mainly used for Post Friender

Creating Message Templates

(5:39 min.)

  • Canned Responses
    • Things that you tend to write over and over again.
  • Post Friender
  • Broadcast Messages

How to use The Post Friender

(16:07 min.)

  • The biggest time & energy saver.
  • Lets you quickly automate your outreach and gets you into conversations
  • Can be used inside FB groups, Fan Pages, Profiles

Automatically Send Friend Request To Members Of A Group

(14:41 min.)

  • Go into a group on Facebook and click on "members"
  • You have the choice to add people that are:
    • Admins & Moderators
    • Members with things in common
    • People that are new to the group
  • You can include Profile Tags like "Entrepreneur", "Coach", "Affiliate Marketer", "Self-Employed" etc. to further narrow down who you want to connect with.

Friends In Common Connector

(9:49 min.)

  • Allows you to automatically send friend requests + a welcome message to people in the "People You May Know" column
  • You can choose how many mutual friends you need to have as a minimum for EL Messenger to send a friend request
  • Fantastic way to build your audience with people that have a lot of friends in common - Especially good if you have been around for some time

Automate Your Engagement

(6:42 min.)


Follow Up, Close The Sale, Make More Money

(6:23 min.)

Keep track of who you are talking to and where they are in your sales cycle

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