How to Heed God’s Advice

Do you prayerfully welcome God into your business?  When you asked Him to join you in your venture, did you ask Him to be a silent partner? If not, then you should expect to get some input!  God cares about you and your business, and He will not stand idly by if you fail, while you seek His guidance and work to increase your faith.

Increasing your divine guidance and faith isn’t always easy.  Sometimes the voice of God comes in so loud and clear that we can’t help but hear it and know that it comes from Him.  At other times, He speaks to us softly, as our conscience, with friendly reminders.  But how do you know? 

When God has a message to get across, rest assured that He will do so. As my husband likes to say, He will hit you with a 2x4 to the head when necessary.  He will speak to you in the way that makes the most sense for you – He is your creator, after all, so He knows a little something about what will and will not work for...

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Crisis, Challenge, Change!

New Challenges

With nearly a year of Covid-19 under our belts, most of us feel we’re at least handling this crisis better than we were at the start.  Better than we were, but still off-kilter.  The advent of Covid brought to the surface feelings of panic and insecurity for many, and understandably so!  And the scary thing is that no one knows for sure if, or even when things will return to normal.  Will our “new normal” be anything like life was before Covid?  No one knows for sure.  No one, that is, except God.

Major tragedies of any sort often cause us to question God – our fear begins to outweigh our faith.  One thing I’ve found that helps at times is to keep the big picture, the “eternal perspective” in mind. 

Calm in Crisis

I remember a particular time in my life when I was scared to death during an earthquake.  I had never been in an earthquake before, and apparently it was the worst one in...

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Love CPR to Revive Your Business

Care for yourself                                             

For six years, I travelled to Texas every other week by airplane.  As many of you know, part of the routine speech that flight attendants give prior to takeoff tells adults to put on their own masks before helping those who may be unable to do so for themselves.  You’re supposed to do this because you’ll be no help to anyone if you fall out before you can get your own mask on.  Take care of yourself, so that you can then take care of others.

Does your self-love need CPR? 

While they often go hand-in-hand, self-love and self-care are not the same thing.  You can love yourself and not care for yourself in the ways you know you should.  You get too busy, you forget, or you’re just too tired.  By the same token, you can get a mani/pedi every week and not...

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He Chose You

Holy Mary

The Blessed Virgin.  We all know her name, but how many of us know her story?  She’s not mentioned as much as you might think in the Bible, given her role in Christianity as a whole.  She did, after all, give birth to the Son of God.  But, from the Bible, we can glean much of the situation, and attempt to imagine ourselves in it.

She was young, probably a teenager, which wasn’t unusual for marriage and childbearing in those times.  Can you just imagine?  In your teens, told by a messenger of the Lord himself that you will conceive and bear a child, and not in the usual manner?  How frightening that concept must have been! 

She had questions, and received but one answer, which was that her aunt Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant, despite her advanced age.  So, Mary made the choice to believe God’s angel messenger and simply said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” (...

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