Love CPR to Revive Your Business

Feb 16, 2021

Care for yourself                                             

For six years, I travelled to Texas every other week by airplane.  As many of you know, part of the routine speech that flight attendants give prior to takeoff tells adults to put on their own masks before helping those who may be unable to do so for themselves.  You’re supposed to do this because you’ll be no help to anyone if you fall out before you can get your own mask on.  Take care of yourself, so that you can then take care of others.

Does your self-love need CPR? 

While they often go hand-in-hand, self-love and self-care are not the same thing.  You can love yourself and not care for yourself in the ways you know you should.  You get too busy, you forget, or you’re just too tired.  By the same token, you can get a mani/pedi every week and not love yourself as your Father loves you.

Self-love is, at its heart, a matter of spiritual mindset.  Search out bible verses on love for our God, and remind yourself that God resides in you.  Be patient, kind, generous, forgiving, and fun with yourself. 

No Matter What           

    Does God only love us when He’s having a good day?  Do we only love our children when they’re behaving well?  Of course not – we love our daughters and sons, no matter what.  God loves us, no matter what.  We have bad days and sometimes our businesses don’t do what we’d like them to. 

Our businesses are like our children.  They need us to show them love through our actions – when we’re having a bad day – when every single call is a disappointment – no matter what.   Like small children, our businesses need us more than ever when everything is going wrong.  The next time it all seems to be going down the drain, think of God – how He loves His children.  Show that same love to your business and watch as it is revived!

Love the Lord thy God                                   

Unfortunately, in life, many of us are often crippled by thoughts from our Inner Dream Stealer – that internal voice of doubt and insecurity that tells us we’re not enough; that tells us we’re not worth it.  Yet throughout God’s word, we learn that God resides in us – shouldn’t this mean that we love ourselves as we love God?  In Mark 12:30, we learn, “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” 

To take action, let’s break it down:

  1. With all thy heart – meaning with emotional feeling (what most of us think of as “love”)
    • Ask yourself, what kinds of feelings do you have for God and yourself?
  1. With all thy soul – meaning with who you are on the inside (as a daughter of God)
    • Ask yourself, how do you show to God and yourself that you are His daughter?
  1. With all thy mind – meaning with our thoughts (by listening to our God thoughts, not those of our Inner Dream Stealer)
    • Ask yourself, what kinds of thoughts are my Inner Dream Stealer and how can I increase more of my Divine thoughts?
  1. With all thy strength – meaning with our bodies (by caring for ourselves)
    • Ask yourself, what’s one way I can care for my body better to show gratitude to my Heavenly Father for it?

Loving yourself as Christ loves you isn’t always easy, but it IS simple.  Think of how your loving Father cares for you.  He knows all your faults, all your embarrassing moments, all of your mistakes.  And yet, He loves you all the more for them because they make you uniquely you. 

Enjoy time with yourself

Learn to appreciate your own company by spending some time alone – enjoy that time to commune with God and celebrate His works in your life.  Discover a new hobby, interest, or skill you may not even yet be aware of. 

I learned this lesson just this last year.  I have always thought that hobbies were a waste of time ad boring, but I didn’t realize until I started one (diamond painting) how much my mind, emotions, and body need a break from life and business.  Taking time to fill your cup ensures that there is something to actually give from it.

When negative thoughts from your Inner Dream Stealer start to creep back in, telling you you’re not good enough, immediately counter that with the gentle reminder to love yourself as you love God.  Take a moment to put on your oxygen mask first and Love God as He lives in you.     

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