Crisis, Challenge, Change!

Mar 25, 2021

New Challenges

With nearly a year of Covid-19 under our belts, most of us feel we’re at least handling this crisis better than we were at the start.  Better than we were, but still off-kilter.  The advent of Covid brought to the surface feelings of panic and insecurity for many, and understandably so!  And the scary thing is that no one knows for sure if, or even when things will return to normal.  Will our “new normal” be anything like life was before Covid?  No one knows for sure.  No one, that is, except God.

Major tragedies of any sort often cause us to question God – our fear begins to outweigh our faith.  One thing I’ve found that helps at times is to keep the big picture, the “eternal perspective” in mind. 

Calm in Crisis

I remember a particular time in my life when I was scared to death during an earthquake.  I had never been in an earthquake before, and apparently it was the worst one in a very long time in our area.  The foundation was literally shaking under my feet.  I remember feeling absolutely terrified and this was only weeks after Covid started!So I took it to the Lord and was suddenly at peace as I remembered 2 Timothy 1:7, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  As frightened as I was, I felt an immediate sense of calm, knowing that God did not want me to be afraid.  That He gives us power and love, and sense enough to take the proper safety precautions, even during something like an earthquake. 

This Biblical Success Principle of faith over fear is something we hear a lot about.  But  how do we put it into practice when something tragic, terrifying, or devastating comes our way?

  1. Always remember that He is there for us, especially during times of trouble.
  2. When we go through trials and challenges, we should pour our hearts out to the Lord.
  3. Remember that he may not always take away the difficulty, but He does give us the strength to deal with it.
  4. When we’ve made it through, we should stand as a witness of God, showing that He helped us get through it – always give Him the credit and the glory.

It also never hurts to remember that our God is not a God of fear.  It may be in hindsight, but we can always learn something from our times of trial.  It hurts God to see us hurt, but only He, in His infinite wisdom, knows that sometimes you have to cut in order to shine. 

Diamonds in the Rough

Think of a diamond in the rough, covered in carbon.  It must undergo crushing, scrubbing, cleaving, sawing, and polishing to become the lovely jewel we see on display and would want to buy.  Without that process, we’d be looking at a big clump of black rock – not very enticing.

But God knows that sometimes, to get to the “polished stage”, we must unfortunately go through the rougher stages as well.  The good things to remember are this:  we are never alone – God is always by our side, and we will look back one day and see the necessary growth that came from our times of crisis, and finally – the more we struggle, the greater a resource we can be for others in strife, as a beacon of hope, demonstrating what God has done with us through our times of fear and frustration. 

Biblical Success in Business

In business, just as in life, there will be times of struggle.  It seems there’s always something new we have to learn, there are times when finding a new client seems an impossible feat, and even times of too much work and the stress and fatigue these can cause. 

But as with everyday life, we can apply the Biblical Success Principle above to all our fears and anxieties about our work life as well.  Go to God – remember that He is always there for us - pray in times of thanksgiving and in times of strife.  Keep in mind that he may not remove the difficulty, as it may be necessary for our growth – He will, however, always give us the strength to bear up under challenging times and circumstances.  And always, always, always, give God the glory!  As you help another through a similar situation, tell them that it was God who got you through it – you never know the life you may change, and what a beautiful outcome that would be…

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