Without having to hire developers, manage a technical support team, R&D, or spend months and even years before you go to market. 

Your friends, business partners and fellow business owners would love you to share this with them!!

*SaaS is a cloud-based software solution in which software providers deliver applications to users over the internet.
  • Minimum of 100 software licenses to re-sell
  • Add Value To Your Existing Offer
  • Close More Sales
  • Use The Software in Your Business
  • Earn Recurring Commissions
  • Options to DIY or have your sales page built and sales call done for you (see below)
  • Private Facebook members group
  • No Contracts - Cancel anytime
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Industry Leading Support
  • Divinely Driven Results Monthly Check-ins/Updates/Support
  • Option to have your Sales Team/VA/or You trained through The Divine Prospecting Program

$97 a Month - DIY Option

  • You create your own Landing Page
  • You create your own Checkout
  • You create your own Thank You Page
  • You book & take your own sales call
  • You setup your own connection integrations for automation 
  • You create your own email sequence
  • 100% profit of sales


Create Your Account

We Build It

Not Techy?  We have you covered!!!

Here is what is included:

  • Setup of Your own Partner Sales Page (a replica of DDR Sales Page) with your own sharable Link:
    • Includes your company logo and link to your website home page
    • Setting up checkout page & thank you page
    • Link to your calendar to take your own sales calls
    • Set-up Zapier (if you do not have an account we will create one for you) to connect to:
      • New client CloudKii account - connected to yours
      • New client Name & Email sent to your CRM
    • 7-Day Free Email sequence 
    • You receive 90% commission of recurring revenue
    • If new client upgrades to a DDR program, you receive 5% commission


We Build It & Sell It

Don't have time for extra sales calls, we have you covered!!!

Here is what is included:

  • We Build It package above
  • We link our calendar to your partner sales page
  • We take your ELM Suite sales calls (increasing your possibility of 5% commission on program upgrades)
  • We set-up your new client (based on their purchase choice)
  • You receive 55% commission of recurring revenue
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