Discover the three things that are holding you back from achieving your sales goal

Let us empower you with a custom 3-step strategy that drives new business

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Tired of pouring your heart, mind, and soul into your business with little to no results?

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting results in your business even when you’re doing your best?

What if you could…. 

  • Pinpoint what strategies work for your business and what doesn’t? 
  • Build a strong strategy that is anchored on your faith while helping you reach financial success in your business?  
  • Receive the growth you are looking for financially, spiritually, and mentally?
  • Clear inner blocks that are stopping you from getting real results?
  • Radically decide on a business strategy that will bring you maximum satisfaction and profit?
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Hi! my name is Elise, CEO of Divinely Driven Results

In our FREE Strategy Session, one of my experienced coaches will teach you how to develop a customized sales strategy that will help you get real results in your business.

You will learn how to identify what’s holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself while strengthening your faith and building your own legacy.

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How can this FREE Strategy Session help you?

  • It does not tackle your business alone, but also your faith and personal development..
  • In this call, we will be discussing your business to determine what methods work and what doesn’t.
  • You will learn what strategies complement your business model the most.
  • You will experience more clarity in understanding what your business really needs.
  • You will learn how my program can help you become unstuck so you can ignite your passion and share your purpose with the world.
  • ...and so much more!
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What can you expect from Divinely Driven Results? 

Divinely Driven Results is a faith-based coaching service anchored in divine business strategies that offer REAL results.

I and my team of highly experienced coaches will help you grow your business exponentially through partnering with God and removing inner blocks that prevent you from embracing success. 

As an International Federation–certified professional coach, studying and teaching goal achievement for more than 10 years has enabled me to share my expertise on empowering your mindset and fulfilling your divine purpose while increasing your revenue as a ladypreneur.

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"I've been implementing business meetings with God and I love the peace it brings in working my business. I set a sales goal and I can't believe I am about to reach it!"


"Thank you for the coaching program you run! I'm learning so much like bringing all my business concerns to God, what a sales process looks like and breaking down the effectiveness of each part. I appreciate every step and the prayers and being led by the Lord through it all!"


"Elise was truly inspired when she created Divinely Driven Results, her insights and mentorship have been equal to the highest quality and professionalism in the industry. Having mentored with other top professionals my experience with Elise has been Divinely Driven to creating life changing results in [a] short amount of time. She is very perceptive to my needs and gently leads me to identify and break through my limiting beliefs creating success. Thank you."


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