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Lost Momentum? Feeling Stuck? Ready to learn how to actually build relationships that lead to sales?

Want never ending organic leads for free? I know that you've been told to always be building relationships online and you've tried, but there are so many questions that get in the way. Or the scripts that you are given just don't feel right to you. Do these sound familiar?

  • Where do I find my ideal customer?
  • What do I say to them?
  • What do I offer?
  • How do I turn small talk into offering my product?
  • How do I not come off salesy or disingenuous?
  • How do I partner with God and make scripts my own?
  • How do I find the motivation to build consistency?
  • How do I get out of my own way?

Believe me, I have struggled with these questions too, and I am here to tell you that the answers can be divinely simple and fun! You can get the exact formula without spending a dime! Just click Come Join Us below.

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The Free Divine Cash Challenge - Live Stream Workshop

Don't miss this step-by-step workshop designed to empower you to grow your leads and your business like never before!









How can the Divine Cash Challenge Workshop radically change your results?

  • What You Can Expect

    • Build massive momentum by taking massive action
    • Get clear on your divine customer and where to find them
    • Learn how to identify your prospects needs
    • Build a customized script to lead them to your offering in a natural way
    • Build a bridge from where they are now to where they want to be through your product/service
    • Connect with other Christian Ladypreneurs
    • Increase your confidence in talking to your cold market
    • Learn tools to partner with God in your business
    • And so much more..
    • This training is worth over $500 and you get it all for free!
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Increasing Your Sales Is As Easy As...


Click below to register so you can get your incredibly powerful workbook and save your spot for the Divine Cash Challenge Workshop to have a step-by-step guide to start growing your leads organically and increase your sales today! 


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Join The Community

The Divine Cash Challenge Workshop sessions will be live-streamed in our private Facebook group: Faithful Ladypreneurs. Here you will join an amazing community of other Christian Ladypreneurs just like you, to learn how to build your business in the Lord's way!

Take Action

During this workshop you won't just be learning theory, but taking massive action to build massive momentum and motivation! You'll even learn what has been holding you back and have a plan to overcome it.

Get Results

Finally be able to bring in that consistent income you have been wanting in your business. Start making that bigger impact on the world you feel called to make by serving at a higher level. Start seeing possibility and opportunity all around you and so much more!

Our Schedule

Mark Your Calendar So You Don't Miss Any Of the Amazing Topics We Will Be Covering at 6pm MST Every Night From May 31st to June 9th

  • Monday: Where do I find my Divine Customer? - Who God wants you to serve
  • Tuesday: What do I say? - Heart-Centered Prospecting
  • Wednesday: How do I invite? - Leading to Your Offer
  • Thursday: How do I sell without feeling salesy? - Your Golden Bridge
  • Friday: How do I stop sabotaging myself? - Meet Your Inner Dream Stealer
  • Saturday: Bring Your Questions and Let's Practice (Zoom Call)
  • Sunday: No Session - Enjoy Your Day of Rest
  • Monday: Grace vs. Excuses
  • Tuesday: How to keep the momentum going
  • Wednesday: Goal Getter Session and Celebrations!
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Ready to confidently build relationships, serve others, and make more sales?

Register here to join The Divine Cash Challenge Workshop starting on May 31st, bring an accountability sister and let's have some fun!

What makes Divinely Driven Results different yet effective?

Divinely Driven Results is a purpose-driven coaching service anchored in faith and strategy.

As an International Coach Federation–certified professional coach, I have assisted over 100 people in achieving their sales goals. I have mastered goal achievement for 10 years and eventually earned my core energy coaching certification.

Since then, I have been using my knowledge and expertise in helping entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential while living a satisfying, successful life anchored in faith.

So chat with us today so you can see what is possible for you!

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