Divine Results 6 Month Program

Your Faith-Based Business Pathway to Success

Boost your profits, excel in marketing strategies, identify your divine client, discover how to attract those you were meant to serve, gain a closer relationship with God, and so much more through this 6 month coaching program designed just for you.

Sister, are you...

  • Feeling stuck or alone?
  • Overwhelmed and don't know where to start?
  • Wanting consistent income through your business, but don't know how?
  • Feeling like something is missing?
  • Wanting simple, yet effective strategies to follow that really work?
  • Tired of sabotaging your efforts with your mindset?
  • Looking for your tribe of other women entrepreneurs who embrace God?
  • Sick of feeling salesy?
  • Having a hard time holding yourself accountable?
  • Ready to grow your business in the Lord’s way?

Let Me Show You a More Divine Way To Succeed...

With these four focuses you will increase your sales and grow your business in the Lord's way...

Partner with God

So many times we use God more as a catastrophic consultant than we do a partner. Learn how to make him the CEO to guide your business growth like never before!

Empower Your Mindset

Learn incredible tools to overcome your Inner Dream Stealer and stop sabotaging your efforts. Let's get you out of your own way, you can own your confidence!

Accountability and Support

Let go of feeling like you have to do it all on your own and holding  yourself accountable. With weekly and monthly calls you will get the support you need to grow your business!

Biblical Business Strategy (Including Sales Funnels and Systems)

The best way to grow your business? Have good systems in place to scale and sales funnels that are proven to convert and based on the word of God.

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The Divine Results 6 Month Program Includes:

  • Weekly Group Accountability and Coaching Calls (90 minutes)
  • Monthly Biblical Business Bible Study (1 hour)
  • Monthly Biblical Business Masterclass (1 hour)
  • Monthly Private Strategy Sessions (60 minutes)
  • Business Meetings with God Mini-Course
  • Biblical Business Online Courses (Mindset, Marketing, Sales, and so much more)
  • 10 Women of the Bible by Max Lucado Study Guide
  • The Divine Results Workshop Model
  • Application Worksheets
  • Divine Business Tracker
  • Private Facebook Community
  • And So Much More!
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How it works:

Weekly Accountability and Coaching Calls:

How do you get yourself to those tasks to grow your business? The answers: A community of accountability. Most coaching programs have very limited coaching and accountability time, but with the Divine Results Program you get weekly check-in calls (90 minutes) to share what you have been working on, get advice on what you might be struggling with, and to celebrate your successes with your divine ladypreneur friends and coach.

Monthly Biblical Business Bible Study

Ready to include God in your business in a whole new way? Join a community of other Christian Women Entrepreneurs, where we combine bible study with business in a powerful way! Learn how to apply the characteristics and strengths of amazing examples in the Bible to grow your business and any area of your life in the Lord's way! 

Monthly Biblical Business Masterclass:

Come join us each month for business strategy live like you have never had before, in an hour masterclass over zoom. Here you not only get to learn about business strategies through the lens of the bible but you also get to connect with other Christian Ladypreneurs and practice what you learn that night.

Monthly Private Strategy Sessions:

One on one with your highly qualified and experienced coach, you will be able to overcome those blocks that are holding you back by focusing on a customized strategy and empowering your mindset. You will be given support, someone to celebrate with, guide you, and kick you in the pants when you need it. All centered around God to keep you not just surviving in your entrepreneurial journey but thriving and fulfilling that purpose that God has given you.

Business Meetings with God Mini-Course:

Regardless of your current relationship with God, increase divine guidance in your business by having a strong agenda to focus that revelation. Learn how to find any solution or answer you are seeking in your business through the word of God and how to go from using God as a catastrophic consultant to your CEO. 

Biblical Business Foundations Online Course:

With this Divine Sales Blueprint you will learn and apply skills and tools to build a strong foundation in your business in areas such as, your faith-infused sales funnel, understanding who and how to talk to your divine client, heart-centered prospecting so you won’t feel salesy, time management, and even ways to achieve your Goliath goals, and so much more! You’ll learn business strategy in a divine way that will bring you even closer to the Lord and give you real results in your business.

Biblical Business: Mindset, Marketing, and Sales Online Course:

In this advanced course you will move from foundational principles to expanding your mindset and grow your business by utilizing biblical business strategy to increase your presence and sell like never before. You'll learn and implement models such as, the proven Golden Enrollment Script, the Divine Results Workshop Model, the Intentional Social Media strategy, and so much more!

Application Worksheets:

With each of the modules of the online course you will receive incredible worksheets to help you overcome those blocks that are holding you back and help you to not just learn from these online courses but really apply it to you and your business. These can be used for years to come.

Divine Business Tracker:

This amazing all-in-one tool will empower you to understand your sales conversion at every step of your sales process so you know exactly what is working or not working to get the results you are seeking. Along with other tools such as a goal calculator, time management chart, and many more to keep you organized and on track.

Private Facebook Community:

One of the major reasons why thriving ladypreneurs succeed in business is because they have a supportive, growth-oriented, like-minded community. If you want amazing tips throughout the month on how to grow your business in the Lord's way and apply bible study to grow your business in a fun and supportive environment, this is the place for you!

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Meet Elise

International Coach Federation Certified Professional Coach

Elise is an International Coach Federation certified professional coach who has assisted over 100 people in achieving their sales goals. She studied goal achievement for 10 years and earned her core energy coaching certification in order to empower her clients to overcome external and internal blocks that may be holding them back. She has a passion for enabling ladypreneurs to believe in themselves, increase their revenue, and fulfill their divine purpose through their business by partnering with God.

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What others are saying...


"Working with Elise has been God orchestrated from the beginning. The growth that I’ve seen in such a short time, has far exceeded any expectations I’ve had. For me, it’s been a huge mindset shift of confidence, belief, and complete peace. Having her walk this journey with me has been instrumental in building and launching my business."


"While working with Elise I gained a great understanding of the small acts I need to do to move forward. I’m a big believer in energy vibrations and manifestations. Elise is great at helping you find where you are spending energy. The best thing for me was a platform to help launch my business on so many levels. Excited to see what happens next."


"Working with Elise has been nothing short of a miracle for me. Within a few short hours of working with this amazing woman, she enabled me to be empowered to guide my life the way I was destined to live. I have been working with her for a few months now and I have seen tremendous growth in my thoughts, relationships and business."

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