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Divinely Driven Results


God-centered business strategies to reach your goals

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Divinely Driven Results

Come check out what Divinely Driven Results is all about, and how it might be just what you've been praying for to take your business to the next level!


Hey Christian Ladypreneur, How Would You Like To:

  • Implement a strategy to increase your sales in just 2 weeks?
  • Take your business to the next level in the Lord’s way?
  • Partner with God like never before in every area of your business?
  • Belong to an incredible community and network with other like-minded Christian Sisters?
  • Overcome that negative voice in your head (your Inner Dream Stealer) that is sabotaging your hard work? Learn biblical business strategies to serve more customers, make more money, live your purpose, and so much more?

Sister, Are You...

  • Wanting to increase your divine guidance so you don’t feel so stuck and alone?
  • Just starting out in business and are overwhelmed at the thought of how to bring in sales?
  • Giving your all to grow your business but you just can’t seem to get it off the ground?
  • Tired of missing your sales goal month after month and feeling like something is missing?
  • Wanting real simple yet extremely effective strategies that you can implement now to grow your business like never before?
  • Feeling called to grow your business in a big way but don’t know where to start?
  • Tired of holding yourself back and want tools to help you believe in yourself and find your confidence?


  • Looking for your tribe of other women entrepreneurs who embrace God?
  • Feeling salesy and are afraid to talk to people about your product/service even though you know you should?
  • At a plateau in your business and you just don’t know how to take it to the next level?
  • Passionate about what you do but can’t figure out how to create consistent income in your business?
  • Having a hard time holding yourself accountable and just need someone to encourage and even kick you in the pants sometimes?
  • Feeling like you are failing at the calling God has given you with your business?
  • Ready to grow your business in the Lord’s way as opposed to the world’s way?

Sound too familiar? Then girl,


Through My Programs You Will:

  • Learn and implement simple biblical business strategies that will drastically increase your sales
  • Set up your faith-infused infused sales funnel
  • Find and own that confidence that you have as a daughter of God
  • Prioritize your task list to focus on income producing activities
  • Learn how to grow even closer to God and increase divine inspiration and guidance
  • Get clear about who your divine customer is, where to find them, and how to speak directly to their needs
  • Implement an incredible strategy and tool to reach your Goliath Goals
  • Learn how to contact others without feeling salesy
  • Have tools to silence that negative inner dream stealer/mindset
  • Create your own time management plan that works for you so you can let go of the guilt and focus on what’s most important to you!
  • Connect and network with other incredible Christian Ladyrepneurs
  •  Plus so much more!
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Empowering You To...

Move from feeling stuck, alone, hopeless, and frustrated to inspired, confident, excited, and motivated by your purpose and your plan. Having a customized sales strategy with God to achieve your sales goals and make the difference only you can make!

I believe in you to achieve your goals and so does God, why else would He put those dreams in your heart? But sometimes we need a different view point, so let's hop on a free strategy session where we can dive into your business to understand what's holding you back and I can give you 2 customized steps to help you find more light in your business.

We can also discuss how this program may be exactly what you have been praying for to get you unstuck with divine business strategy and re-fuel that hope and passion for your business again so you can share your light with the world. 

Reach Revenue Goals by Increasing Divine Guidance in Your Business

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Divinely Driven Results increases your business revenue and skills in three crucial ways:


Partnering with God


Increase your divine guidance and magnify your impact by partnering with God in your business.


An Empowered Mindset


Replace doubt and fear with an empowered mindset. Build belief in yourself, your business, and your goals!


Biblical Business Strategy


Using biblical success principles you will learn business strategy through the lens of the Bible to build your business in the Lord's way.

Meet Elise

International Coach Federation Certified Professional Coach

Elise is an International Coach Federation certified professional coach who has assisted over 100 people in achieving their sales goals. She studied goal achievement for 10 years and earned her core energy coaching certification in order to empower her clients to overcome external and internal blocks that may be holding them back. She has a passion for enabling ladypreneurs to believe in themselves, increase their revenue, and fulfill their divine purpose through their business by partnering with God.


Action = Results

We provide real techniques, strategies, and systems for you to reach your goals in building your business in the Lord’s way. Instead of going to seminars and workshops that provide motivation, but no actionable steps, together we’ll create logical strategies, customized sales processes, sales skills, and an empowered mindset based upon Biblical principles. 

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"Working with Elise has been God orchestrated from the beginning. The growth that I’ve seen in such a short time, has far exceeded any expectations I’ve had. For me, it’s been a huge mindset shift of confidence, belief, and complete peace. Having her walk this journey with me has been instrumental in building and launching my business."



"While working with Elise I gained a great understanding of the small acts I need to do to move forward. I’m a big believer in energy vibrations and manifestations. Elise is great at helping you find where you are spending energy. The best thing for me was a platform to help launch my business on so many levels. Excited to see what happens next."


Kaylee's Foundation

Our purpose is to enable others to achieve the dreams they ache for. Elise does this by not only by helping women achieve their business goals, but by working towards funding one woman's IVF every quarter through Kaylee's Foundation.


Ready to Take Action?

Schedule a strategy call with Elise, where you'll dive into your business to see what's working, and what could be improved. You'll leave with three customized steps to gain more clients and increase revenue NOW.

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